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Video Editing


Tutorial for new video editorIf you are just getting started in this awsome domain i can tell you will be amazed with all the things you can learn. Start first by the best video editing software free. Read the guide you'll find in this androidapplication and start making magisto videos. Yes 3 easy steps that can takea very long time if you don't have the right guide. Find out the complete video editor guidefor free and start discovering the editing environment. Discover also theeffects and color correction, the guide will help you with your projectfrom start to finish
- The Complete Guide
- Getting to Know Your Editing Environment
- Creating a Project, from Start to Finish
- Effects and Color Correction
- Preparing and Encoding Your Video for Delivery
- Tutorials And Learning Structure
- Video Transitions
- Manipulating Time
- Linear (Tape to Tape) Editing